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Name:Designation Cerberus [Abel Fletcher]
Birthdate:Jun 7

Abel Fletcher

"Everyone has an end and yours is long overdue."

In a world similar to ours, death is handled a bit differently. Everyone has a Reaper assigned to them and when the time comes, their Reaper will arrive to take their soul to the afterlife, whether they have to kill them beforehand or not. Some people who cannot handle their death arriving try to cheat their way by outright running, trying to fight off their Reaper, or a number of other creative ways to get out of dying. Whenever a Reaper is unable to take the soul of a dead person, the task is passed on to the Enforcers, special human souls able to see the death dates of living humans, who hunt down and kill the dead person so that their soul can be sent to the afterlife.

There is one Enforcer who stands out from the rest. Called Cerberus due to his dogged pursuit of the dead escapees and nicknamed Abel for being one of the first Enforcers ever, he is the oldest being on this side of the afterlife. No longer able to remember what it was like to be alive, the only thing he can remember is his cause of death (being torn apart by a pack of hungry dogs) and a promise he made that keeps him from passing on to the afterlife.

Over the many thousands of years he has been an Enforcer, he has become sociopathic and enjoying the hunting down and murdering of people far too much for his superiors' liking. So he was transferred to recruitment, where he was tasked to search for living people with the ability to see a person's death date and either bring them in for training on how to deal with it or to stop those using it to gain money by helping people avoid their deaths. During this, he met a young girl named Holly, an orphan who could see the death dates, and seeing this as a way to help him pull away from the horrible being he'd become, his superiors assigned him to raising Holly as his own daughter, teaching her to deal with her ability, and trying to make sure she has a normal life. Which is difficult considering Abel's still doing his job of hunting down recruits.

Then four months after starting his assignment to raise Holly, things got weird. Abel and Holly met a pair of twins without death dates, Robert and Angela Yates. Upon taking them to the Enforcers headquarters, they learned that this wasn't natural and someone had manipulated their death dates so that they no longer existed. Because of the threat that the twins were to the natural balance of things, they were to be kept under watch for the foreseeable future and assist in the investigation of who did this to them. Which means that the twins are now forced to live with Abel and Holly and have to deal with the madness that is the unlife of an Enforcer.

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